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Welcome to

2015 And Future Updates: and ReActiveMicro have merged!  The new 'brand' will now be called UltimateMicro.  New logos and branding will be on all new projects, software, manuals, and PCBs.

Sales are now handled by the 2Store:
The 2Store

All new projects and their pictures will now be on our Facebook page:

Software, Manuals, and Support along with more in depth project discussions will be held on the forums:

Check our eBay listings for promo specials:

2014-02-18 Update:

We're back! and ReActiveMicro have merged.  The new 'brand' will now be called UltimateMicro.  Look for the return of old items as well as new projects to be released!
This site and our Downloads section remain as-is will stay as-is for reference purposes.


Still reading this?!?  Well how about some Juiced.GS or maybe A2Central?  No loitering here!


Thank you for visiting and enjoy the Site!

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